Last Minute


Apparently I’m in a mood to complain of late. More on that later. On Monday I was contact by my designers and editors all in somewhat of a panic because they had no page 1 image. So Monday night I hunt up a page 1 feature, a dance class, spend about 3 hours getting it shot and edited, only to find out Tuesday it wasn’t needed. Rather annoying.

On the good side though, the dance company I was photographing were very nice people. In fact one of the reasons I choose to contact them was because they’ve always been nice to me in the past and I knew on short notice they’d work with me. The class itself was filled with kind people, who knew how to dance pretty darn well, and they were a joy to talk to. One photo did run, so I was glad I could help them even if just a little. This one didn’t run, but that’s for another day.

And I really do know I have nothing that I should complain about, but somedays it feels good.


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