To the bigger boat


The problem and blessing of journalism is the time frame. Every story you report has a time frame and it has to be done come hell or high water. This royally sucks because you don’t have the time you want to work on a project, and you don’t have any time to get any distance from a project before it needs to be done. The blessing is that it gets done, there is no putting a project on the back burner.

So a few months back I took a “vacation” to see a friend of mine at a theater company he works with, Tent. Basically I spent 4 doors, 16 hours a day taking photos. It was the break I needed. Seriously, it was, it helped make my flame for photography burn brighter, plus I met some cool people. Over time I’ve thrown up a couple of web pages for the particapants to look at the images, but I’ve never really been close to done. I had some time this weekend, so I decided to work on this and I think I’m much closer to a finished product. Anyhow, you can see the audio-slide show in a large version here. Also, I should mention, the part of the show I used for audio was a wee bit on the disturbed side, on the other hand, half the show was on the disturbed side.

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