The Other Side of Life


Well I’m not a generally extroverted person, I do enjoy the company of good people and meeting good people for work. Most of the time when I meet people for work it’s a quick association and I’m off again, sometimes I have the time and interest or the need to spend more time on a shoot. So currently I’m working a piece for parenting magazine about the softer side of the Bears. We’re showing the good family man side of some of the players. Alright, nice enough little feature piece.

So I spent a few hours with the Maynard family on Tuesday (for those who don’t know Brad Maynard is the Bears punter and very good at it). Obviously Brad is very into football, but he’s two sons were also very into football. Football games were a common theme throughout the day. Near the end of my time with them they started playing Madden. It’s always the little things that give stories life, and that make the world a brighter place in my world. In this case it was watching the Bears punter being forced by his 7-year-old son to play as the Packers against the Bears. It’s probably the only time you’ll hear a Bears player in Bears vs. Packers game complaining the Brett Favre can’t complete a pass and is throwing too many interceptions.

The part that I always enjoy about these longer shots is that you get to see a little bit more into the quirky side of people, the unexpected parts. Those are the parts I always enjoy, and to me, the part of them that makes people interesting. I always wonder why people don’t show their quirks a little more and the face they try to put on to fit in and be like everyone else and the ideal a little less. The ideal is so dull if you ask me, the quirks are so fun. Oh well.

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