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When it’s all against you


I love situations where there is every reason you shouldn’t get a photo. I actually love situations where you should lose and are expected to lose. I love them because there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In this case this was the second group to come up and sings carols. I knew I was at least covered with the first group. This group came up and stood in front of the Christmas tree, the previous group stood behind it. Where this created a problem was that there was virtually no other light except for the Christmas tree. Any street lights that were around this park were a long ways off and pretty dim to start with. For the photographers out there this exposure was made at 1/50th of second, f1.2, at 3200iso, for the non-photographers, pushing everything to the max. I really liked how the lighting turned out, has a nice ethereal quality to it, and for a situation where I probably should have got nothing, it gives me a smile that I got something. Now to see if it runs, it is a bit noisy so it’ll have a tough time going big, but should hold up fine small.