Plains in the big city


I love the city. Couldn’t live without it, but as with many people, some days I can’t live with it.

Getting “out of town” requires a bit of effort when you live in Chicago. First you’ve got to get at least sixty miles from downtown because the city itself stretches a long ways. Then you’ve usually got to drive at least another hour or so to get past the corn fields. Welcome to the Midwest.

My solution for getting “getting out of town,” when I’ve only got a short a while to do so. Northerly Island.

Northerly Island, isn’t really an island, and isn’t really north of much of anything, it’s pretty central. It is right off of downtown Chicago, it is pretty reasonably large, and has some relation to the plains that this area used to have. Though Northerly Island itself is a man-made island.

For anyone who played with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator it was the starting point of that game. It used to be known as Meigs Field. An airport off of downtown Chicago on Lake Michigan.

We’re going to ignore the fact that it was 70 degrees and somewhat sunny the other day, and that I felt like being outside.

Northerly Island is also a place where you can have some wide open space, on the lake, but within sight of the city.

It also makes an odd statement being a man made version of the nature that used to exist in this part of the country, while yet overlooking downtown Chicago. All the tall buildings being the first thing you see.

It also to me says something about what we, we as in Americans, have destroyed, reduced and otherwise left behind. It makes me want to get out of Chicago for a few days. Alas, that will have to wait till summer. And that’s fine, I’d prefer the nice weather. But for an afternoon hike I’ll take Northerly Island.

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