Because it was a good day


To be honest, this post is about nothing. I just had a good day, so I felt like throwing something up, but I’ll spin it a bit and make it about the opening of this new bridge.

This is a handy dandy (at least for me) new bridge crossing the Des Plaines River from Forest Park to Maywood. It extends the starting point of the Illinois Prairie Path.

Very importantly, to me, it also means that bicyclists don’t have to try to bike down Madison, a death defying experience some days, to get to the path.

For the photographers out there, may I humbly suggest, get out of your cars. Cars are wonderful, but not for seeing the world. And if you’re going to be a photographer you need to see the world, and get out of the room on wheels that is your car, at least sometimes.

At some point during the spring, I always like to do a few assignments on my bike. I find I can do spring shots better that way. I can see the smaller details, express the feeling of the season better, be more open to the experience of spring because I’m feeling it, because I’m in it.

It’s not practical, working on a bike. Who wants to have 10k in equipment on a bicycle? But if the equipment isn’t capturing the images, why own it at all?

Anyhow, enough subject matter. I had a good day. I like that.

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