On my way out for a fun night and…


Life seems to have a bad habit of having random bad things happen when I go out for an evening with the friends. Not bad things happening to me at least, but bad things happening to other people that I then must take photos of.

So I’m driving a few of my friends over to another friend’s new apartment for a night of hanging out. We’re almost there when we turn onto Lake St. only to have it blocked by fire trucks and cop cars.

At this point I know I’m going to be delayed for a little while. Drop my friends, and take the two block walk over to the scene of the accident.

In photojournalism classes they teach students to always have a camera with them. I use my carry around camera very little it seems, yet it comes in so handy. So I did what I could with my little P&S (Point & Shoot).

What amazed me about this is that the other car, a BMW four door, had the front drivers side knocked in a good foot or so, but was otherwise alright. What I would call major damage, but nothing that would make me think that the accident was all that bad. I apparently don’t understand the dynamics of car impacts very well.

At least from what I could see there were no major injuries.

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