Fashion Fitting

Abby Zupancic checks how the dress she designed fits
model Darci DiBuono during the final fitting

These are a few of the starting images from a story on a fashion show at Dominican University.

The show is an annual affair. The usual fair, student designers and student models put on two shows on the weekend of April 14th and 15th. There might be an interesting twist, but we’ll see if it develops. In the meantime I’ll be focusing on the seniors, the process, and the finishing phases of getting the show together before photographing the show itself.

The original request was for photos of the show, but why do that when I can get a little more involved and get some more interesting photos?

These images were from the final fitting. The designers had to put their outfits on the models that are going to wear them during the show and have them approved by faculty in charge of the show. She was offering recommendations for small changes while I was there, but everyone seemed scared enough of the process that I’m sure there were some major changes being made as well.

Julie Binggeli fits a part of her senior collection made from recycled sporting goods.

This shoot also presented what may be the most difficult part of the process. In any story the first shoot is always a little tougher because everyone has to get comfortable with each other and learn what to expect from each other. In this case this had to be done in a room full of women who were often changing. I have to say, the models did a good job of ignoring me, and I did what I had to do, be professional, and ignore them and take pictures of the work. Hopefully this boads well.

Next time for shooting is hopefully the designers tired and working on finishing up the last of their outfits.

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