The Passion March, or Stations of the Cross in Pilsen, is a re-enactment of Jesus’s final days. A lot of places around Chicago do a Stations of the Cross ceremony. The Pilsen community is the only one I’ve seen that has a man carrying what looks to be a very heavy cross over a mile.

This year there were probably 5000 people in attendance, and it got up to almost 30 degrees. It’s always impressive to see people display, viscerally display their faith. It doesn’t matter much to me what faith people have, but that they believe in something, anything, that gives them an inner strength is a good thing.

Maybe for the man carrying the cross 30 degrees was a good thing. On the other hand when they put him on the cross at the end, dressed appropriately for the period, meaning shirtless, I’m guessing thirty degrees wasn’t so comfortable.

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