Graffiti as fine art


Acid Etching, never heard of it before myself, but apparently it’s fairly common. Actually I’ve seen it plenty of times before, just never knew it had a name, I just thought of it as crappy graffiti.

Acid etching is a method to put a gang mark onto a pane of glass, typically from what I saw on businesses. I could never tell what any of the 5 examples that I found actually said, I could just tell that those businesses were marked.

Christa, left the etching on her windows. It appeared about a month after she opened. She’s left it there for a year and has never been marked again. It seems that as long as the business is marked it’s left alone, which is good.

On the other hand the acid etching just never had enough content or shape to really look like anything or be visually interesting though. It was just there looking like vandalism. On the other hand old school graffiti. Spray paint on a solid surface, that can just look sweet.

If I owned a building I would probably find a good graffiti artist to decorate the outside of my building. Graffiti artists are can be great artists. I wish there was more of it around. And if the business is really that against spray paint graffiti they can just have it sand blasted off.

Maybe it’s just me.

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