Making Myself Laugh


My impression of the world has always left me with the feeling that people think a joke is only worth while if the listener laughs. Personally, whatever you want to believe.

I know the jokes I like, and they’re the same if you tell them or if I tell them. Those are the jokes that make me laugh.

So most of my jokes are focused on making me laugh, and if you laugh also, great. If you don’t, bummer…for you.

This image was made during a judging of the pieces for the upcoming Dominican Fashion show. I had spent some time shooting in the judging room. The models would come in, walk to one end of the room, then back to the other, do a little twirl and then approach the judges that asked for a closer look.

It was interesting and somewhat depressing to watch. Beautiful young women, but yet almost no personality behind the walk. Admitadedly that’s unfair, and probably inaccurate, but from where I was the ladies weren’t much more than dolls with new clothes. Yet these “dolls”, I know, are well educated and becoming more so every day and probably have sparkling personalities. It’s just a bummer to me when that isn’t shown more in any person.

I know it’s just this situation, but I just always like it when a persons personality can shine through. Call me cheesy, it’s fair at this point.

Anyhow, after watching them show outfits for a while I wanted to get a shot of the line at the door waiting to go in. While watching that I noticed one of the models kept looking back at the vending machines. It’s a stereotype, and it’s unfair also. I guess you can also call me a hypocrite.

I couldn’t help but take the photo though. It brought a good laugh to me. Maybe it’s just me, but again, that’s enough for me.

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