Goodbye to the Models

Mike Shallow (gotta love that name, just screams star potential) checking
out his garment “Formal Woodsman” in the mirror during the final fitting.

*Update – The online slide show is here.

The Dominican Fashion Show 06 piece got published. It’s not what I would have liked, but it never is.

Over the couple of weeks of my time I spent on the piece I met a couple of really cool students, some nice models and saw some pretty hard work being done. The show consisted of over a 120 outfits on a multitude of models in multiple collections.

More interesting to me watching how many hours went into getting the whole show done. I’m sure there was a lot I didn’t see, in fact I know there was, but even what I did get to see I didn’t expect going in.

Hours for the final fitting, and last minute adjustments made to get the outfits to their final state and work with the particular models.

Hours more with the models wearing the outfits again so the professional panel could review and critique the outfits. I’m guessing the designers were around these outfits literally every day for the two weeks I was around and from what our story says for months before hand.

And then, and this I think is more shocking for a guy, the hours of hair and make-up before each show. There are many reasons I love being guy, one of these is certainly that should I want to do my hair up nice and fancy it adds an extra 30 seconds to my day, not 30 minutes.

Having said that, the show looked gorgeous. Beautiful outfits, beautiful women and decent lighting makes for an easy shot for me. I need more of these.

As stories go, this certainly wasn’t the deepest one, it was after all all about looks. Though that can be kind of fun on occasion.

(middle image) Zorana Duran in “Blue Caribbean” by Rose Turner
(above) Sondra Ellingson curls her hair 2 hours before the show on Sunday.
The room was packed full of models getting hair and make-up done
and the women who were helping them out.

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