A Little Update plus a Recantation about Summer Love II


My website has been neglected for too long. I know it. I haven’t had time to update it, or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, though I know it’s a total line of BS.

So I did something. It’s small. All I did was update the entry page. I’ve been tired of the entry page with the construction notice for a long time. So it’s gone. Yes. (It’s the small things in life that make me happy.)

I’ve updated the images to some more recent work, which I may try to do for a while. It’s now images from my Summer Love project and images from Chicago Tap Theatre’s “The Hourglass in the Stop-Time Chronicles”. Both projects have images that haven’t otherwise been widely seen, if seen by anyone. Take a look. It also auto-rotates the images. I’m not sure if I like that, but I’ll try it for a while and see how I feel about it later. If you’ve got an opinion about it let me know.

I should also note that after looking through the images from my second visit with Summer Love again, I’ve changed my mind. I got some usable images out of that visit. I actually think I may have got one or two very nice images. I love being wrong. At some point down the line I’m going to post about my work process for selecting imagery, but not tonight, as it could be kinda long.

Anyhow, the website is updated. Take a look.

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