Exhaustion, Pure and Total Exhaustion


I can work pretty hard, and pretty long, but all things have limits. In the last week I’ve had at least 2 16 hour days, and the others have been 10 plus, nothing less. It’s been good, but tiring.

8 hours of shooting is a lot of fun. It is also very draining. When I shoot, I focus. Totally and completely. Everything else falls away. It may be the most zen like moments of my life, but it also requires a lot of energy to do it. A few hours day 4, 5, 6 or so is fine and dandy. Much more is tough, consuming. It feels good, but everybody needs to breathe. I look forward to breathing soon. But I can’t do that yet.

And to be realistic, the two 16 hour days have been because I’ve been making imagery of dancers for Danza Viva. Beautiful, kind women who know how to pose for the camera, as I said, good.

At one point many years ago I was reading about championship chess players. How the really good ones have multiple hours of excericise in their training/practice scehdules. I also read about how during a championship chess match the players will expend as much energy as an NFL lineman during a game. I have no supporting evidence to point you to where to get this information. I just remember it, and want to believe it. It takes a lot of energy to focus, so I want to believe it.

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