Why Did I Come Back Again?


I love the woods. I love the peace, the slower speed of life. Since I’ve gotten back to Chicago it’s been nothing but run, run, run. The norm.

When I was camping I didn’t look at a clock, I was annoyed when someone mentioned time not based on the sun, the moon or the stars. Life was at the speed of…life, not the speed of this city. A chance to create, to create, with no real purpose, just to make some beautiful imagery. To enjoy just being creative, even if I’m saying nothing, just beauty.

I’ve got a lot of wonderful things to say about my trip, but I don’t, as always, have time, but I should mention, Northwest Passage, well worth it. A great experience through them. Sitting on Lake Superior, at night, under the stars, sea caves during the day, activity, activity, activity, and what I want(ed). I couldn’t have asked for more.

So here are photos, a few, quick, photos.

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