Back to Reality?


I don’t know if back to reality is accurate, reality never really exists for me, but back to “the usual” probably is fair. School is back in session, that means back to kids doing school stuff, lots of sports (2 football games a week till I’m blue in the face), and everything back to inside soon enough.

A few years back I started this little project call Portfolio of the Month. I had realized my entire portfolio was from my late teens and early twenties, this was when I was in my late twenties. Let’s just put that in the “unacceptable” category. This project, POM, was/is a chance for me to build my portfolio on an ongoing basis.

I don’t really know if it works for that. I just don’t give that much of damn about my portfolio these days. It does provide a handy mechanism for some much needed self-examination though. I’d argue most people need more self-examination. Journalists are probably even worse. Yesterday doesn’t matter, only tomorrow’s papers matter. POM is a handy way for me to look at what I do, and try to learn something from it, something about being a better photographer, and something about being a better me…hopefully.

Anyhow, this tangent once had a point, which was that this project showed me that I shot a lot more images I like in summer than winter. July and August are my best months. February and March are my worst. I’ve decided it’s all about that outdoor light versus the constant florescents.

Basically this bums me a little. Oh well. I did get speakers, the first every speakers I’ve bought, unless you want to count a boombox I bought a decade or so ago. Music sounds so much better on them then off of my laptop’s speakers. Who would’ve guessed?

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