He’s Mr. Vain


So tonight I was faced with the question that man (or woman) has asked since the start of time, now that I’ve had an enjoyable Friday evening (also known as grocery shopping and a movie on my tv after work was done) what should I do, and I just happen to have “fun hair” happening and a small mountain of photo equipment handy? (Everything about this entry, I should say, is about laughing at me and how it is totally allowed.)

I should also state here, Lexi is a Goddess, officially. She is now Lexi the Great and Everlasting Goddess of Hair. (BTW – I know I need to get my highlights done, and I know it’s ridiculous that I know this.)

Some day I’m going to go on about the difference between fun and happy and their minimalist relationship many days. Some day I’m also going to get a life and not hang out on Friday nights taking wacky self-portraits, but that day is not today. And I had a lot of fun and am damn happy.

And if you think this is bad, there’s another 100 or so of these that are even weirder. Which raises the question, what does a man with a small mountain of photo equipment do on a Saturday night? (And welcome to how you become legally married to do what you do.) Also, I’m replacing all my various profile photos with the one above I think, to hell with reality I say. To hell with it.

This blog used to once involve matters of journalism and photography. Oh well.

BTW – I’m going to randomly start mentioning teas because….I feel like it. Wen Shan Bao Zhong, absolutely excellent. The second steeping of it is absolutely delicious, delicious. Not to mention it’s from Formosa, and who calls it Formosa anymore, well except for the Chinese? On the other hand, I doubt drink 36 ounces of right before bed is wise. It doesn’t have much caffeine in it as far as I can tell, but that’s a lot of liquid.

7 Responses to “He’s Mr. Vain”

  1. kathy says:

    How did you go from someone who never cut your hair to someone who hightlights, uses product and then take pictures of it.

    This is very strange evolution

  2. Josh Hawkins says:

    It’s not that strange or even much of an evolution from where I sit.

    I’ve always taken photos of myself, they just largely go unseen by anyone but myself.

    The product gives me a fun, slightly out of the normal hairstyle, my previous hairstyle having also been out of the norm a bit, just more accepted and everybody was used it.

    As for the highlights, I really only have vague idea what my hairstylist Lexi the Great and Everlasting Goddess of Hair does. I tell her either, “Make me look good”, or “Make the women want me”. She asks any questions or offers options after that I respond with one of those two statements again, and trust her judgment. From the general response, this technique seems to be working.

    Just a variation on the “slightly out of the norm” hairstyle. Though I do really enjoy being able to say that I took up a mohawk (yes, it’s technically a fauxhawk) in my early 30s.

  3. Becky says:

    I had no idea that you had a blog! I love the pix, but they make me want to get MY highlights done again. Damn you!

  4. Josh Hawkins says:

    Most people didn’t know I had a blog…until old Blood and Thunder put a link on his page. I believe that was Aug 29th. Blood and Thunder now accounts for about 3/4 of all the visits to my blog.

    Just remember, highlights rock, you need highlights, you are a good mother to two wonderful troublemakers and have to babysit another older troublemaker. You deserve highlights.

  5. Becky says:

    I may have to do the highlights again. It looks damn sexxy.

    So, I put a link to you on my blog, but I had to correct your name, which I initially put down as “Mr. Vein.” I guess I’ve been in healthcare too long. Or, would you prefer “Sexxy Bitch?”

    The choice is yours.

  6. Josh Hawkins says:

    Ooh, ooh, ooh, Sexxxy Bitch, Sexxxy Bitch, yeah, please, please.

    I’ve got a great stylist. Let her work, and hang-out. She’s pretty whacky too.

  7. Zeepdoggie & GringO says:

    I really like the second pic: it’s really a “Million Dollar Quartet” look. You could be some bastard amalgam of Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.

    And that is the greatest compliment that I could ever bestow on you.


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