MySpace and Facebook


So many a moon ago I created a MySpace account for myself. I did this primarily to get info and do basic background research on people or groups I was helping out and keep up to date on upcoming performance by groups I like. Fine, dandy, whatever.

I avoided putting much info up on my account…just because. I generally am against MySpace. More accurately, I kinda despise MySpace, loathe would also be accurate. The reason here is simple, bad graphic design. It is my belief that MySpace is a den of piss poor graphic design. This is unacceptable in my world. I’m a photographer, I want pretty, or at least communicative and clear. This is not MySpace, generally. (Don’t even get me started on self-starting music, other than Shiny Toy Guns and Leslie, they’re fine, actually they’re good, I’ll go to those pages just for those, but that’s just because they’re good, everything else is just rude. I’ve turned into a grumpy old man, at 32.)

Well, a few months back I found out that a friend had forwarded an image of mine to another friend via their MySpace account. I had no problem with the friend doing this, I was happy to help out the artist and I’m glad I was able to, but to figure out what and where things were going I had look at her MySpace account (I’m way to curious of a soul). Normally this would be no big deal, except her account, the friend, was set to private. This meant I needed to add her as a friend. I hadn’t added anybody as a friend, it kept me off the radar. Think of it as “Stealth Josh”, my preferred MO.

As soon as It had a “friend”, and I kinda liked it when I just had the one, it had a certain desperate pathetic-ness to it that I found humorous, but I felt like I should then do something with my MySpace account. I still haven’t done much, but I’ve done a little, namely add a few more friends, it just seemed like to much pressure on one person for her to be my only friend. But this has all raised the question for me, what do I do with this thing, my MySpace account, and how do I get it to work for me? Well I enjoy catching up with old friends, and that’s useful, ultimately I want to get some business use out of this thing, that’s why it exists in my mind, but how and through what use?

Hopefully eventually answering those two questions will lead to what to add to my account and how leverage it to make it useful. In the meantime, the whole thing just confuses me. I’m open to suggestions btw, please.

PS. Yes, this also makes me feel old. “Them troublemakers and their MySpacey stuff!!!”

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