A Toast to Fine People


Some people in this world are just nice. It’s stupid statement, yep, but it’s true, and it needs to be said about some people sometimes.

So I was fortunate enough to get to help the fine (previously and also still, nice) people at Chicago Tap Theatre. Simple enough work, new head shots. A nice change of pace for me. Pretty people, pretty pictures, studio situation, nothing taxing, and I get to feel good about myself for doing it. (BTW – the real reason to volunteer in life, from my perspective, self-interest. Do something for someone else and get a warm fuzzy feeling, you can’t do that making money, and it’s worth more, if you ask me. Give it a try if you haven’t recently. Go here for some ideas.)

Anyhow, I got to spent an hour doing making these images, being thanked, having some good conversations, getting to know some good people a little better. What else can you ask for on a Wednesday afternoon?

It was also enjoyable for me because I got a few things I normally don’t get. I got time to set-up and do not great, but decent lighting. (I think I need some more heads. Money? I don’t need no stinking money.)

I got to have models when I told them to stand someplace, would do it. My most common studio situation is shooting Chicago Parent covers, which involves little kids usually. Put them where you want them, and then hope they don’t move before you get a few frames off. Repeat. This means that the lighting has to be more generic, because it has to cover where the model is plus 4 feet in any direction because that’s where they may go. Kids are great, sometimes I just like a change of pace though.

All of this plus adult models, which aren’t me, and are attractive (not that I’m not hot, I am, like the sun, but there is something about taking pics of other pretty people.) Again, enjoyable, not deep, not meaningful, just enjoyable.

Anyhow, just another one of those simple happy pleasures in life.

Someday I’m going to learn how to recruit models so I can I shot studio work more often, get better at it. I’d like to, it’s a fun change of pace. But alas the day when I learn that skill has not yet come and gone. Someday, one day. (Yep, just add it to the list.)

Also, I should note, on philosophical grounds, I won’t shoot anything that organizations will pay to have shot. Well I like to help out, I also don’t want to hurt any other artist’s income opportunities. It’s a fine but important distinction to me.

And, by the way, if you’re thinking, “Wow, they’re beautiful,” you’re right. They all are, men and women. And the cool part, the dancing is even more beautiful. Hey, it’s volunteer work for me, I can enjoy it and have it easy, it’s acceptable.

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