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If you don’t want to read any further but instead just want to Buy Me immediately, go here.

Otherwise, here’s the deal. As I’ve said many a time, I think Chicago Tap Theatre is wonderful. They have totally blown away my preconceptions of tap dance and what tap dance can be, and I love it when I’m proved wrong so beautifully.

So for the last two years I’ve done what I can to help them out with photos (though I should say, easier photo ops are not to be found. As long as I can focus the camera, they’ll fill the frame with beauty.) They have taken some of those images and turned them into a calender for 2008. Possibly even the first ever tap dance only calender. I never would have thought of a tap only calender, but apparently I helped make one. Neat.

So, you need a calender? It’s $15, downright cheap at twice the price if you ask me. On top of that, you help out one of my favorite dance companies, you help keep the arts alive and well in our fair city and nation, and I get a small cut to boot. (Though I should point out, my small cut, where did I put that contract that says what my cut is?, anyway, my small cut is going to be used to either drive up prices at their next silent auction or buy the dancers drinks so they don’t think I’m a complete nut job when I try to figure how they dance so much and keep real jobs. Seriously, two weeks touring in France and Spain, that’s most of my time off for a year.)

So don’t be shy, if you need a calender, go for it. If your mom needs a calender, your aunt, your uncle (the ladies are hot, and I say this is as professional observer of hotness, maybe don’t get it for your nephew though, his standards for feminine beauty will be set to high for the rest of his poor life after seeing them), your arty friend, who ever, they need calenders, feel free to get them all one.

As you know, I don’t sell or push products much, even my own, but I am this time, take that to mean something.

To bastardize a grand old Chicago saying, “Buy early, buy often.”

Top Tap Calender 2008 for sale here, and if you can’t wait to see CTT get tickets to the holiday oriented, Tidings of Tap show (okay, you still have to wait till December, but you can get tickets before they sell out).

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  1. Becky says:

    I may have to investigate this for Christmas.

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