Observations from an Evening


Just a couple of quick shots from an evening out. I’m all for public displays of affection, just be warned, they’re public, and people like me have cameras. They didn’t seem to care any which way.

Otherwise, these are just because….

As a side note, from earlier in the evening. I photographed the instructor of a course on unlearning Indian stereotypes (his terminology, not mine) and developing a respect for Indian culture (which he liked to point out, didn’t exist, just as European culture doesn’t exist). I don’t think he was such a big fan of my Mohawk (faux-hawk). He dodged the question when I asked him if it was insensitive and culturally offensive, though Wikipedia seems to feel it’s fine.

4 Responses to “Observations from an Evening”

  1. Zeepdoggie & GringO says:

    On the one hand (mostly hers), I envy the guy; on the other hand, I feel sorry for him. Still, I wish I knew him, because his torment as she falls into madness would be just too much fun!

  2. Justin says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am that lucky fellow. I warned my date to keep those wandering hands in check, especially when I’m regular at the Beat Kitchen on Monday nights, but some impulses get the best of us.

  3. deborah says:

    i’m the lucky lady. sorry about the teeth. and if you knew the boy in question, you’d understand why i couldn’t keep my hands off him.

  4. Zeepdoggie & GringO says:

    Deb, I would say that, since it has never been a desire of mine to give a man a handjob, regardless of who he is or our location, I cannot understand why; but if it creams your Twinkie, you might as well lick it.

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