Nothing Big


Just a nice few days.

The top image is a friend’s thirtieth birthday party. She got her dad to wear her birthday tiara. Also, in case you hadn’t guessed, your birthday is not the most fun day to get surgery. Just an FYI.

Also, her sister and mom made a bunch of balloons with pictures hanging from them. The pics detailed the birthday girl’s life to date, her crossing of Delaware, her time as pope, her Academy Award, climbing Mt. Everest, the usual. It was pretty cool, and a lot of work. The reason you never, ever, ever do something like this though, is that you be forever required to top it for other birthdays, forever. This is where men have it figured out, set the standards low so that doing something modest, like say remembering a birthday, is taken as a great compliment. Just saying.

The bottom image is the first time my grandma had ever used a computer, she is being helped by my cousin. I think the family is trying to get her on email. I think the family also knows this may take some time/years.

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