Random Little Thought II


These are from Wednesday evening, a charming, and odd (odd is such a good word to me) little group, Aloft Aerial Dance.

The blue image is more technically accurate to the scene, but I just like the red one. She is more a more natural color, and I like the red. The red wasn’t really there, it was actually a normal/whitish colored light, but when you adjust the blue lights to look white, the other light goes red, way red. I like the red, but I’m not completely comfortable with it.

It also changes the mood, a lot. She’s an angel here, in the red image, she looks like an angel, kind of, but descending from the red light district. (no offense intended)

In the red one the grid is less strong, prominent, also, and I just don’t like the grid, I want the grid gone, gone, gone. Ah well.

I’m also quite happy she didn’t fall. It would have hurt like all hell for her, I’m sure, I’m also quite sure she knows how not to fall, but it also would’ve killed me as she probably would’ve landed on me. As ways to go, not the worst, but I still got a couple more years of stalling in hear. Just one of those things you think about after something is hanging a few stories above you by a cloth.

Anyhow, back to photo choices…which way to go….


Also, I’ve decided, for about the third time, to add a new recurring theme…What I think about while “driving” on the Ike. (Yeah, this is going to be just over the top ridiculous, and I know it.)

Half of my job description is “sit in traffic” so I use this as contemplation time, usually about my life, it’s direction, things that need to change, etc.

Currently I’m wondering about the breadth of experience vs. the depth of experience. I think I have a great breadth of experience, but is that depriving me of, or is something depriving me of, a depth of experience, or am I just spending too much time sitting in traffic and contemplating bs. And what would define a “depth of experience”?

2 Responses to “Random Little Thought II”

  1. Ya Looblue says:

    Hey!! I was wondering if you were there the other night. I would’ve loved to say hi!

    I hope you’re good and as always, can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Don’t you love our “straight outta the red light district” eyelashes and glitter?? :)

  2. Josh Hawkins says:

    Yep, I was one of the six or so photographers. Popular place.

    And I actually should have at least a few images up later tonight or tomorrow. (I don’t think I have any of you and your bear suit. Sorry, damn huge stage. Huge theater/church.)

    I stuck around for a while to say “howdy”, but then the pastor seemed like he was going to take a while, I didn’t know if there were going to be notes and such, and my somewhat ridiculous fear of crowds took over, and I ran (and by run I mean got lost leaving, had dinner, and bought my mom’s Xmas present since I was in the area.)

    Just because the eyelashes are longer than my pinkie? I don’t know how they would work on a day to day basis, but as an every once and a while thing, I could see them being hot.

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