No School Like the Old School


I believe in looking back only as much as it teaches about the present and the future. What’s done is done, money spent is gone, what investment can I make in the future?

So hence you’ll rarely, read probably never, see images older than these, unless you are at my house rifling through boxes, which either means I’m sleeping with you or I’m dead. So, excluding those two, these are about as old as you’ll ever see. (And the only reason you’re seeing these is because I had to do some copy work as a favor for a friend, so since it was set-up I figured I’d shot these at the same time.)

These two images are part of a series of six or seven images, the others I need to find, they’re in a tube somewhere, of self-portraits. I seem to be a lot of self-portraits lately, so this is a kind of compare and contrast. These images are from when I was 20, in college at U Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!) and very depressed.

I was done, I was cooked, it was time to leave the oven. Believe it or not, I didn’t party enough, I was working too hard and just spiraled down and down. Sucked at the time, looking back at the images now, worth it though. These have been some of my favorite images of mine for years.

I look forward to making better images than these, as challenging at it will be to accomplish.


On a completely different note, Seagrove tea, Wow. Just wonderful, a tint of orange I think, but whatever, it’s delicious. My whole body just relaxes drinking this stuff. And the smell while you’re brewing it, yummy. I love yummy.

I feel good.

3 Responses to “No School Like the Old School”

  1. Becky says:

    Glad you’re feeling good. These pictures are beautiful.

  2. Kitten says:

    If you like the Seagrove at Todd & Holland, you should try the Summer Jasmine Oolong.

    I also cannot recommend enough the Northern Lights blend. Lately, it’s the only tea I want to drink. The flavors are subtle, so you can really taste the tea itself. It stands up well to multiple brewings and it smells really, really good.

  3. Josh Hawkins says:




    I’ll have to take a look. As I’ve almost depleted my Seagrove in 2 weeks I’m going to be back over there again soon.

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