I’m amazed at the generosity of others to share themselves, to open up, in some cases incredibly, about all kinds of stuff, to let me in, often a stranger, or close there to, during good times, and sometimes challenging times. And offer me the trust to document their life, without reservation.

A friend of a friend, and now my friend, has asked me to document a challenging period of her life. The story is good, in content, in personalities, and in meaning potentially to others. It’s going to be challenging for her, for her friends and family, and I’m sure for me as well, but it’s worth it. (In photojournalism, you don’t pick your stories, your stories pick you, and when they ask for you, you go, it ain’t a choice, you just go.)

This story is going to suck up a goodly portion of my life for a few months. So if I post less often, know I’m well, I’m doing this for a reason, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also, for those amongst you reading this that are among my support structure, emotionally, thank you for all the help you have offered to me (oh, fyi folks, I might need a hand, a fun night, a talk, a whatever every once and a while. Help a bud out? Cool.)

And for various reasons, I’m going to be, I need to be, cagey about the subject matter and people for now out of respect. It’s not natural for me, but it’s not my story to tell, it’s hers.

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    That’s the way it works, eh?

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