Nothing Much to Add…Yet


There is something cathartic about setting up a camera, and just letting it take pictures. No purpose, no point, no reason, just letting it go, and seeing what appears. (I really didn’t plan on shooting till 3am. Damn.)

4 Responses to “Nothing Much to Add…Yet”

  1. Zeepdoggie & GringO says:

    You couldn’t look much more British than that. I can almost hear The Smiths playing in the background.

  2. Josh Hawkins says:

    British? Why do say that? That was just one I wasn’t expecting and I’m curious what it means.

  3. Zeepdoggie & GringO says:

    Imagine, if you will, a man in England. He’s sitting at the terminal, waiting for his double-decker to arrive. It’s raining that angel-piss rain that England is famous for the world over, and the temperature is just chilly enough to make the young man miss his jacket and muffler.

    Your expression is EXACTLY the expression that dude would make. Wet and very, very sad in a guarded way. Like you’ve quit something.

  4. Josh Hawkins says:

    Alright, excellent explanation, and it makes total sense.

    “Like you’ve quit something.” Humorously enough, an accurate statement.

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