I’m in the Center of the Earth


Okay, the photo ain’t great, who cares? I just wanted you to notice one very important detail, Asia, is backwards. That’s not because Photoshop can do anything and everything, that’s because I was inside the Earth, not outside of it. Yeah baby. I was in the middle of the Earth. Cool, huh?

You know what is truly sad about events like this, it’s wasted on kids (and me, though the distinction is often a very fine one). Someday these kids will be working a real job, doing real stuff, and they’ll have totally forgotten about how they explored the Earth from the inside out, and how cool it was. Sure, it’s just a big balloon, but man, it was fun, and cool. The other sad part, I get more excited about this stuff than the first graders do. I don’t know if that makes me sad, or them, but it was cool.

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