Because I Can, II


Time is short in life, still, but I’d at least like to throw some images up. Sorry for the lack of context, but life is about triage to some degree right now, it’s all good, but it’s full, and good.

2 Responses to “Because I Can, II”

  1. Ya Looblue says:

    aw. thanks for the comment. i’ve been going through the photo archives looking at your stuff. it is helping me pass the time! :)

  2. Ya Looblue says:

    oh and by the way, if you’d like to do a “cool” color study, you should come over and take come pictures of my right leg. i thought most of the yellowing was iodine but aparently not. ew. aparently drilling into one’s tibia produces bruising. hm. good to know. sigh.

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