Because I Can, III


I’d like to note, here and now, I don’t know what day of the week it is. They change, the days, but they are all the same, they all blend into one day. I shoot, I edit, I hang (hanging is key, lunch has become key, anyone want to do lunch on Friday? Let me know.) 7 days a week, forever.

Hell and Heaven are the same place, and you never quite know which you’re in.

2 Responses to “Because I Can, III”

  1. Ya Looblue says:

    hey it’s like MY life! though i think i know what day today is. yay for that.

    is that pic from the Ameba show? yet another thing i was suppose to perform in this year. *grumbles about stupid knee*

  2. Josh Hawkins says:

    Yeah, that’s the Ameba show. Wasn’t able to stay for the whole rehearsal, but for about 80% of it. Good stuff. I’ve only looked at a few of the images from it so far.

    Yeah, you and your soon to be 4 times stronger than a normal human knee. I still can’t believe they actually told you that.

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