Because I Can, VI


Random images from the last week or so. Some work, some not, some finalized, some still being debated on. Just a whatever throwing some imagery up kind of post.

4 Responses to “Because I Can, VI”

  1. guildencrantz says:

    That butterfly shot is gorgeous! Where could you have shot that? I love the broken down theatre chairs, too….and the man with the button.

  2. Josh Hawkins says:

    This why I should write caption info, but alas, I’m lazy sometimes.

    Butterfly is the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum which has a butterfly house, year round I believe. I was there for releasing of some butterflies. Unfortunately the shot of the butterfly hanging out on my head, the butterfly is out of focus. Bummer.

    The funny thing about the theatre chairs is that the rest of that school is gorgeous. It’s the most amazing looking school (non-college) I’ve ever seen. They have an Africa wing, and a middle east wing, and all these beautiful paintings and pieces of art everywhere. It looks like it should be some cool, hip, night club with just a bit more work, but it’s a Chicago Public Elementary School. Just whacky. They’ve apparently got the best arts programing in the city. They’re trying to raise money to get their auditorium fixed up.

    I find it funny the one you didn’t comment on though. 😉

  3. guildencrantz says:

    You already knew my thoughts on that one!;)

  4. Josh Hawkins says:


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