My Unbiased Opinion


As a journalist, I am fair and unbiased. (Actually, I pretty much am, weird huh?)

I ain’t saying I don’t have a point of view on things though. This might not see publication, haven’t decided yet. It’s funny for me. Don’t like it? I don’t bother to moderate the comments, so have fun. And he full well knew what I was doing.

Plus, you got to admit, this is just so wonderfully, ridiculously over the top, how could I possibly pass this up? (Got to admire his make-up.)


3 Responses to “My Unbiased Opinion”

  1. Ya Looblue says:

    holy crap! i was wondering what the hell was going on! i was driving down Halsted the other day and i was like, uh…is it Halloween or something?? sweet.

  2. Aunt Becky says:

    I didn’t know you took a picture of me!

  3. guildencrantz says:

    Good gravy! This is NOT what I needed to look at before I going to bed. Completely and utterly disturbing.

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