Urban Golf



So, as I’ve already established, Monday was just incredible, on so many levels. Well, not to rub it in, but this was Sunday.

Sunday started at the loving time of 5:30am, for leaving the house at least. I spent from about 6am till 10am covering Bike the Drive, the annual closing of Lake Shore Drive so that bicyclists can takeover and enjoy it. It was harder to photograph than I expected, but I got a couple of okay images out of it. Suffice it to say, it got covered.

Later in the day was urban golf, through Cudgel. Basically the idea behind urban golf is you get a golf club, a tennis ball, a series of alleys, dress like a 70s golf rock-star hero, and drink your way through the course. It’s a good time, it’s utterly, and totally ridiculous, hence good time. So I got to spend a few hours hanging out with some awesome people, who were fabulously dressed (“I want to look very meticulously terrible.”)

I also decided, that besides wanting to cover this again in the future, when I do so, I’m playing next time. It’s not so rushed that I can’t, and hell, my journalism has to get more gonzo. (If you don’t know what Gonzo-journalism is, first and foremost I hope you aren’t a journalist, if you are a journalist and don’t know that term I’m kicking your ass. The wikipedia entry is pretty good. I tend towards being a bit more factually accurate, but the whole getting into the middle of events thing I’m all into. While I may be an observer of life more than a participator, I’m at least going to observe from pointblank range. I believe that I can only truly portray a situation if I feel a situation which means being absorbed by the situation which done by being totally and wholly in a situation. Got it?) I need to be more gonzo. I’m doing better, but I must get more involved, almost every image I’m happy-ish with comes from a situation I’m totally absorbed by and in.

Live and learn.

(and the dork in the yellow, is the reporter I was working with. For a reporter (which sets the bar pretty low) he’s pretty good all around.)









3 Responses to “Urban Golf”

  1. guildencrantz says:

    I am going next time. That is all there is to it. All of that plaid and argyle: it’s like I’m home! I have to start planning my outfit…….:)

    Love these images. You found some great angles!

  2. BrokenBat says:

    If the you there guy I’m thinking of (two cameras meticulously taking notes and names), you were a class act. I’m the guy also taking photos and was very impressed with your blog here. Well done and great shots.

  3. Josh Hawkins says:

    “Meticulously”? Hell, that just mean’s I wasn’t drunk enough on the job. Shit, screwed that up. I try to be a class act, thanks, but next time I’ll try to be more drunk. Sobriety and work, not a good combo.

    Nice images, btw (just scanned your flicker account). I wish I had more of your images. Next time, next time I’ll do better.

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