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Philosophical Honesty


The photo is from the Belmont Arts and Music Festival (BAM), and is totally unrelated to the pointless point that follows. Thanks. Hell, it’s not even related to BAM really either, it was just there.

I’ve been debating the difference, on a philosophical level of 4 colors, white, black, chrome (oh, shiny) and clear. See, none of them are colors, in fact, most every color you think of as a color isn’t a color. Sorry, accept this, accept that your brain is making all these things up, you only see red, green and blue (RGB), as colors, you also see brightness with rods. Hope I didn’t burst your bubble, but teal, it doesn’t exist, neither does purple, orange, yellow, or any color beyond RGB.

So, if your favorite color is white, you aren’t actually choosing a favorite color as it’s an equal mix of RGB. You are being indecisive. (though further thought must be put into what a “color” is and the contrubution of rods to this whole thought and not just cones.)

Black is just a lack of light, so hence, it’s not a color, it’s actually a lack of color. You like black? You like nothing. Kind of explains some of my friends teen years actually.

Chrome, while shiny, and hence wonderful, is a reflection, it shows you nothing except what’s reflecting off of it. That’s actually where this all starts, The Bean (or Cloud Gate). It’s impossible to take a photo of the Bean, all you can do is take a photo of the reflection which infers the existence of the Bean, but the Bean itself does not absorb and re-emit light, it just directly reflects light. When you look at the Bean you are not seeing the Bean, you never see the Bean, you are seeing the reflections the Bean creates. (I kind of wonder if the reflection an object makes is enough to prove the existence of an object, I think so, but…)

Clear, clear is the most honest of these four “colors”. It doesn’t pretend to be a color like white or black, or a color in a Crayon box like chrome. It acknowledges it’s lack of color and embraces it.

Product Placement Time, II


You know em’, you love em’, or at least you know I love em’, and isn’t that a wonderful thing that everyone wants? It’s time for another performance by Chicago Tap Theatre (howdy lovely ladies, and Mark and Phil).

It’s there annual summer story show, a superhero comic tap opera, or a continuation/re-introduction of last year’s story of Hourglass (the comic book superhero hottie and hottie crew) once again battling evil hotties (and Mark and Phil). This year the show is “The Hourglass and the Poisoned Pen”. I don’t know the plot yet, so I can’t spill the details, sorry. Suffice it to say, great tapping, I’m willing to bet a great storyline (plot written by comic book artist Andrew Pepoy, who will be at the show this Saturday), lots of fun, many laughs, and from what I’m told, bright colors. I don’t know if there is anything shiny though. Oohhh, shiny.


As with all Chicago Tap Theatre performances, I recommend taking the time to see this one. The story shows are always among my favorites, innovative, different, definitely not what I would expect of tap (well, until I got to know CTT, now I’m spoiled forever. I like being spoiled.), and just all around awesome. Plus you’ll be supporting one of the kindest, nicest, creative, innovative and hottest (I like calling them hot, because they are, and then they tell me how nice and sweet I am. I’m so easy.) performing groups in town. (And if you doubt me, I took a friend to their Mixology show back in March or so, and she’s now hyping the company and trying to figure out when she’s going to go as well. See em’ once, fall in love with them forever. Trust me.)

On a quick side note, you can cheer, clap, hoot and holler during the performance for things you like or enjoy. I always enjoy cheering for the “evil” characters. It’s more fun when “evil” wins. (This might explain some things about my life.)

Also, be aware, if you want to talk to the cast about the production, Friday nights they’ll be having special question and answer sessions.

While the show runs through the 20th of July, I’d suggest earlier rather than later (later performances of all shows tend to sell out, earlier it’s easier to get tickets), in fact I’d suggest you go this very weekend. Really, don’t you want something cool to do this weekend? And as I’ve pointed out in the past, guys, you can really impress the ladies with how culturally cool you are, and all you have to do is watch a live comic book, though you’ll love the performance on all levels I’m sure.

Hopefully I’ll see ya there this weekend.

Tickets here.

June 27-29, July 5,6, 11-13, 18-20
All Friday and Saturday shows at 8pm
All Sunday shows at 3pm
Athenaeum Theatre, Studio 3, 2936 N. Southport
For tickets, call 312-902-1500 or here.



Because I Can, XXIV



Product Placement Time


I don’t do much advertising, but time to do some.

You got some free time an upcoming weekend, this weekend, some weekend nearby? Good, I knew you did. Go see some theater. And if you ask me what you should see, and you’re still reading so I’ll assume you are asking, there are two productions I would see currently, and I will see both of them.

In this case, go see the Strange Tree Group‘s current production, “The Mysterious Elephant, And the Terrible Tragedy of the Unlikely Addington Twins* (*Who Kill Him).”

It’s getting good reviews, it’s a fun show, a fun night, and more importantly, I like it. (FYI – I have good taste in theater, maybe not clothes, nope, not clothes, but definitely in theater.) Should you want a “professional” review, go here (I’m still cooler though). And if you doubt that it is worth it, realize I give them my time, happily, to photograph their shows to encourage their work. It’s time well spent. I think they’re worth watching.

Tickets here.


Because I Can, XXIII



It’s in the Eyes


I’ll trust the look in someone’s eyes before the words out of their mouth. This is the pitcher checking first base during the Oak Park South Side Little League Championship Game. (I’m still debating between vertical or horizontal.)



Another Day on the Job, II


This is what I wore to work Saturday night. Note the always sexy fanny pack. It’s hot, oh yeah baby, hot. Also, the farmer’s tan, it’s hard work to get that strong of a farmer’s tan.


More images from this event will follow…when I have time.

Just Checking Another Item Off the List


This quote is from the coordinator of an event I’m trying to cover this weekend. He is giving me advice on how to successfully cover the event and do so in a way respectful to those participating.

“wear few if any clothes (seriously)”

Now…I don’t know what to say here. Someday I’m going to have seen it all, done it all. Being asked to strip for work, that’s a new one for me. And not all that nice to those around me (time to take on those body image issues). Do what you got to do I guess.

Anyone know where to get some Marvin the Martian boxer briefs in Chicago? And a fedora? Seriously.