Just Checking Another Item Off the List


This quote is from the coordinator of an event I’m trying to cover this weekend. He is giving me advice on how to successfully cover the event and do so in a way respectful to those participating.

“wear few if any clothes (seriously)”

Now…I don’t know what to say here. Someday I’m going to have seen it all, done it all. Being asked to strip for work, that’s a new one for me. And not all that nice to those around me (time to take on those body image issues). Do what you got to do I guess.

Anyone know where to get some Marvin the Martian boxer briefs in Chicago? And a fedora? Seriously.

2 Responses to “Just Checking Another Item Off the List”

  1. Ya Looblue says:

    the hat you can get at a little (used figuratively) place on Milwaukee and Irving…the briefs…I’d tell you to try The Warner Brother Store, but they’ve been closed (the Chicago location) for a while, I think. Seems like something Target or Marshalls would have. ?

    or, you shoulda asked for them eariler, and I coulda made you some.

  2. Ya Looblue says:

    oh you epic comment leaver. you rule.
    bring on the “objectifying”. i don’t find it offensive. i loves it.
    i get distracted too, which is why it felt so New Yorkish. so much happening…loud music…too many people…too many glasses…too many boob jobs…
    but i did secretly really enjoy the “sex and the city” (well put, by the way) moment. but for me, it was just that. a moment. it doesn’t need to be my life. i love the trendy. bring it on. but i’ll know that i’m playing a game, or playing make-believe during it. at least for now.
    some day we’ll have to go out together, get all dolled up, find somewhere trendy, and walk in like we know and BELIEVE (the tricky part) that we’re actually the coolest people in the room. i wonder what would happen.

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