Product Placement Time


I don’t do much advertising, but time to do some.

You got some free time an upcoming weekend, this weekend, some weekend nearby? Good, I knew you did. Go see some theater. And if you ask me what you should see, and you’re still reading so I’ll assume you are asking, there are two productions I would see currently, and I will see both of them.

In this case, go see the Strange Tree Group‘s current production, “The Mysterious Elephant, And the Terrible Tragedy of the Unlikely Addington Twins* (*Who Kill Him).”

It’s getting good reviews, it’s a fun show, a fun night, and more importantly, I like it. (FYI – I have good taste in theater, maybe not clothes, nope, not clothes, but definitely in theater.) Should you want a “professional” review, go here (I’m still cooler though). And if you doubt that it is worth it, realize I give them my time, happily, to photograph their shows to encourage their work. It’s time well spent. I think they’re worth watching.

Tickets here.


2 Responses to “Product Placement Time”

  1. Kitten says:

    I may dispute the “cooler” claim, but you do have excellent taste in theater.

  2. Josh Hawkins says:

    You may dispute the “cooler” claim, but ultimately, you’d lose that argument. Just wanted to save you the pain of defeat. :)

    Thanks, I like to think I try. You should try to get to this show. It’s fun, and well worth it. I’m looking forward to when I get to sit down and watch it myself (vs. shoot it where my attention is only half there because of that whole “working” thing.)

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