Celebratory Moment


I want to take a moment to celebrate my many amazing friends.

There is the Strange Tree Group, which comprises many wonderful friends. They have put together a show that is getting rave reviews left and right. Go see it, it’s worth it. (I would also like to note a member of that social crowd, or two actually, who have agreed to legally become one. Rock on! She wouldn’t answer me when I asked if she was pregnant. Hmmm…) (And for those who expressed an interested in going with me, I believe I’m going to go on the 10th, next Thursday.)

There is Chicago Tap Theatre who also has an awesome show up at the moment, also receiving high marks and reviews, as always for them. You should see their show also. Not to mention they are just incredibly kind and wonderful people. Really, just unnaturally nice. It disturbs me. (For those who asked, I’m going to try to be going this Saturday, but I’m not sure yet, of course.)

A friend who is about to leave for Texas to slack, I mean write poetry for three years. If I knew I could do that and call it grad school earlier I would’ve applied.

Another friend fighting back from surgery that stopped her work. She thinks she’s more alone than she is, which sucks, but she fights hard all the same. She will win, at least I know she will. I also know someday she’ll look at me and say, “Josh, you were right.” But I know that is true with most of you.

A friend who is taking a chance and starting a band. Lawyer by day, tap dancer by night. My kind of person, good human being, and pushing the bounds of what can in any reality be considered reasonable. Good stuff.

Another who is going to get the results of an important test tomorrow afternoon. Cross your fingers.

A friend I mentioned a while back, Peter “George” Ksander, who recently won an Obie for scenic design. Apparently in the theater world this is really big, as I’m not in that world, umm…okay, rock on George.

A friend who is building/re-building her life after a really hard year. One of those times when it’s not about winning awards, but just about being happy. It’s truly amazing, and wonderful to watch. Love is beautiful, I’ve known that for a long time, but she has shown me that on a level that is difficult to appreciate, express, and fills me day after day.

A friend who is (I guess it should be a “they” but really, are his hormones going nuts? Nope, it’s all about her) pregnant with her third. Cool stuff, though I’d never, ever, ever want to be pregnant, but I’m happy for her.

The list just keeps going and going and going. I can’t even remember off the top of my head all the awesome things all my friends are pulling off these days. In the world of problems, what a great problem to have.

I really do have the best friends in this world. And I keep finding more. I guess I’m just greedy.

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  1. Ya Looblue says:

    honored to be on your list sir.

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