Doing It For Myself


I wish I could remember the number of times a photojournalist has told me to not focus on shooting for the office, for the paper and instead shoot what I want to shoot. I’m okay at this, not great, but okay.

So recently I acquired a phone with a camera and text messaging (my previous phone I bought around 99′ and at that point was fancy because it was digital. This new phone will hereafter be referred to as the “iWife”.) This has resulted in me texting all day long. It’s like swapping notes in class.

Somehow in the mix of all this I got to talking to a friend who lives in the desert these days about fall colors, and started sending photos taken with my iWife of fall colors, and now other random things, mostly with greenery. Reminders of leaves.

The funny thing is about this, I tend to like more of the photos I take with my iWife than with my other cameras. There is something about doing it for someone, doing it for fun, doing it for myself which makes it more rewarding.

At first when I made those images I didn’t put much work into them, point the iWife and push the button. As I’ve done it more I’ve started putting more effort into the images, why make a crappy image when I don’t have to? Why isn’t this photo for a friend as important as any other photo? Why isn’t it more important?

It’s fun. It’s really out of my norm. It’s not the kind of camera I like. It doesn’t give me the control I like. No shutter speed, no ISO, no white balance, no place for me to decide, for me to decide anything and while that encourages laziness, there is no reason I need to be lazy about the images. No room to crop later. Just shoot it, and send it right from the phone. Imperfect everytime and the better for it.

Now, mind you, the photos don’t have to fit a story or purpose like my stuff for the paper so they tend to be more “pretty pictures”. They tend to be images that will mean something to me and my friend, nothing more, but in that, I think they mean more than a lot of the other images I make.

Kind of sad that all my work can’t mean as much, but I’m proud that some of it does.




4 Responses to “Doing It For Myself”

  1. Ya Looblue says:

    whoa whoa whoa…hold the phone (pun unintended but hopefully appreciated)…you took those pictures with the iWife? SRSLY?!

  2. Josh Hawkins says:

    Yep. The color looks a bit desaturated unfortunately, probably something with my web prep routine. Does that on occasion. Other than very slight adjustments in photoshop these are straight out of “camera”. Not a great camera, but not bad, enough to be a really fun option.

  3. guildencrantz says:

    Geesh…I can’t believe that you took those with a phone…or that I had to once again reset my login/password combo to leave a comment.

  4. Josh Hawkins says:

    Guildencrantz, I take it as an honor any time you leave a comment, because I assume you always have to reset your password. :) I don’t understand why, but there is so much of the world I don’t get.

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