Veteran’s Day


I’m a proud American. I respect and honor the veterans of this nations armed forces for all their hard work and scarfices, now having said that….

I showed up to this Veteran’s Day Ceremony at a local high school, I’m a few minutes late, nothing big though. First problem. One of the honored vets is on the floor having an obvious medical issue. He was there for a while, till the paramedics arrived. Everyone seemed pretty concerned about this, except the other vets his age, who seemed pretty unconcerned. I’m guessing they’re used to seeing a man go down and get taken out by the paramedics, at some age this just becomes normal I’m guessing.

This vet really got my respect though when he was being wheeled out and waved goodbye to the cheering crowd. That’s the way to take center stage.

I stayed, photographed the event, then realized something. The vets looked as horribly bored and uninterested in the event as the teens did. Sneaking in comments to their friends, paying no never mind to whatever it was that was happening.

Now I wonder, did the vet who got taken out by the paramedics just fake it to avoid the ceremony? If so, I bow to the maestro.

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