You Know You Want a Calender



It’s almost a new year and that, of course, means you need a calender. Right? Yeah, you know I’m right. Well, as luck should have it. I was told a few weeks ago I apparently had a calender coming out. Okay, not totally accurate that last sentence but close enough.

Chicago Tap Theatre has for the second consecutive year given me the honor of producing the imagery for their yearly calender. It’s a chance to get the calender you need, need, help support the arts, help support some really great dance, and hopefully get some imagery you’ll enjoy all year long.

You can get the calender through their Lulu store, or at their upcoming Tidings of Tap performances (at UIC Dec 12th, 13th and 14th) and while you’re their you can go see some excellent tap dancing. It’s family friendly and you may even show up the night Dr. Taps and I go on stage and do the shim sham at the end (she promised she would if I would, I don’t think she thought I would, enthusatically. That reminds me, I’ve got to learn how to do the shim sham).

So go get yourself a calender, and see a show, and say “Hi” while you’re at it.

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