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Stories in Process


I’m working on updating the stories section.  It’ll take a bit, mostly because I’m a bum and playing with the dogs.

In the meantime I’ve put up a link to the old site’s story page.

Go here.

Valley of Fire Panoramic


Another panoramic, this time from the Valley of Fire in Nevada (btw, really cool place. I’d go if I were you and hopefully in the future I’ll get to spend more time here. Gorgeous.) Again this image, this is just a rough start, go here for the real thing.

Also I’ve started making prints of these available. You can purchase them here through my ImageKind store. (A guy has to make a buck or two somewhere.)


Another Panoramic


Here’s another panoramic from my recent trip to Nevada. Click on the image or here to see it as it should be seen. The photo below is just a taste. Trust me here. And give it a minute to load, it’s big, I’m working on figuring out what I need to change to make it smaller.

You can also get a print of this image here.


Because I Can, LXII



Prints available here.

By Red Rock Nevada


These are two panoramas I’ve done by Red Rock Canyon. This is what I do on vacation.

You can click, hold, and move the mouse to look around. It might take a minute for them to load, especially the first one, I didn’t spend much time optimizing them because I’m a bum like that.

Click on each image to go to the VR Pano.Red Rock 1

Red Rock 2