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Little Dead Riding Hood


More images from Little Dead Riding Hood, the current show by my much beloved Chicago Tap Theatre.  If you’ve got free time over the next two weekends it’s a good way to spend an evening or Sunday afternoon.  Trust me here.

My favorite part is of course when Little Red dies.  Some people think I’m a little whacky/disturbed.  (Can you believe they’re going to let me raise a kid?  Ever watch Dexter?)

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My Thoughts of Late


This is totally personal.  Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about one of my dogs, Roxy, my little 13lbs boston terrier.

She’s  cute as all get out.  She’s very sweet and loving.  She’s loves to meet new people and explore.  She can hike, anyplace my pit-bull can hike she can hike.  It’s ridiculous the the slopes and rocks she can climb.  And she is a crack addict for balls.  She just loves playing with a ball.  All the time.  She’ll often sleep with it.

Friday she was out for a hike in the desert, normal enough, when she was bitten by a rattlesnake.  A western diamondback Erin thinks.  Whether Roxy was checking out something close to Erin to keep an eye on things, or was just found something new to smell we don’t know.  What we do know is she got bit in the face.

Since then she’s been in the care of the vet.  Things are still touch and go, she may not survive, but everyone seems hopeful that she will, she’s just not out of the woods yet.

I hope in a month she can go back to following me around the house as I do the mundane activities of life.


Little Dead Riding Hood



So, I’m in Chicago for a quick spell.  I’m here for one of my favorite performances of the year, actually, probably my favorite performance of the year, the annual Chicago Tap Theatre story show.  This year is Little Dead Riding Hood.  A story about what happens when fairytale characters are set free to be whomever they want to be (seriously, at one of the meetings about small changes to make, held at a bar after a preview show, hence why I was there, they actually were talking a little bit about changes and what that says about fate.  I had a vodka lemonade.  Priorities.)

It is, as always, an excellent show, very kid friendly (especially if you go by the German Grimm’s Tales standard) the whole store is told through dance, music, and acting, no words at all.  I’d suggest making to a performance, but that’s just me.  Personally I’ll be at all the opening weekend shows but I’ll be cheering, for villainy, at the Saturday night show.  I’d suggest making the show at some point, but Saturday night I’ll be there causing a ruckus.

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There will be more photos of the show over the next few days.

Because I Can LXXV






PastaStock Fire Hula Hoop





Olivia is very proud of and loves her baby chicken very much.  She made sure to show it to, and pass it around to all of us, us being Erin, Damien (in the background) and myself.

The three of us had gone to this location to see the landscaping, done in a style known as permaculture.  The idea behind it is to capture the water, hold the water and use the water that comes onto the landscape and not to shuffle it off to a gutter as quickly as possible.  The water is used to grow all kinds of plants, lots of them being fruit bearing and the like so that fresh food is available in the backyard.

The underlying idea is to create a connection to your immediate environment well also making it more sustainable.  The other sneaky part of this was how it creates community.  See, we weren’t there to visit Olivia’s backyard, we were there to visit a neighbor and family friend’s backyard, but the families had torn down the fence between their yards.  It was one giant garden, one giant green space, one giant communal area.  So while we talked to Erik, his neighbor’s daughter Olivia started to talking to us, and we got to know more of the community than just Erik.  All in a backyard.


Salmon Creek Waterfall in Infrared