The Wedding of Julianne Ewry & Damien McAnany

The wedding of Julianne Ewry & Damien McAnany, dancing

Traditional dance celebrating the married couple

This series of images is from the wedding of my friends Julianne Ewry & Damien McAnany.  Damien is one of my oldest friends, and an inspiring human being, living his life in ways that fulfill him, trying to help and educate others, and giving through and through.  Julianne I know much less well, (I live quite a distance from them) but she is nothing if not full of life and interesting ideas.  I wish them both the best.

While I was there as a guest, and danced whenever we could of course, I also celebrated the way I love to celebrate, and that was through making images.

The wedding was held in a Redwood forest outside Sebastopol, CA., and incorporated ceremonies from around the world and from a variety of spiritual beliefs.

And for the friends and family, I’ll be emailing Damien and Julianne once they get back from their honeymoon with the link for all the photos which I’m sure they’ll forward around.

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