More Images, Just for Fun


They say the best camera is the camera that you have.  I tend to agree.

Lately, I’ve been just goofing off, a prime phrase for many things, with the camera most available to me.  My camera phone.  It’s fun, the images aren’t serious, they’re just for my own personal enjoyment.

Having said that, I do, of course, share them.  I use tumblr to feed posts to my facebook fan page and my profile.  So I’ve been using one of my tumblr pages, Mojave Photos, to feed images to my facebook profile, and I’ve been posting a lot of my goofing off, daily life images to it.

Some of the images are good, some aren’t, they’re just images from around life, and I enjoy it.  I’ve actually stopped to doing Facebook status updates (mostly) and replaced them with photo status updates.  Same idea as a status update, I just take a photo of my status instead of writing about it only.

It’s a fun game for me.

What else can you ask of any art form?

iPhone 038.JPG

From lunch

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