Chicago Tap Theatre


This pic isn’t from the show they’re doing this and next weekend, David Bowie’s rock opera “Changes”, but it gets the idea across.  Go to Chicago Tap Theatre‘s show today or next weekend.  Trust me.

"Tap Out Loud" by Chicago Dance Theatre, a dance production done in collaboration with other dance and musical performers at Chicago's Athenaeum Theater...Dancer: Laura Sicignano, Richard Ashworth, Stacy Milam..LAB .Choreography:Eddy Ocampo and Mark Yonally .Music:  Alto Novo .Sound Design: Eddy Ocampo .Lighting Design: Josh Weckesser .Costume Design: Anna Glowacki .Dancers:Richard Ashworth, Laura Chiuve, Jenna Deidel,  .Kendra Jorstad, Christina Merrill, Stacy Milam, Jennifer Pfaff, .Melissa Reh, Laura Sicignano ... (Josh Hawkins)

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