Everyday Heroes – Debbi Golding – American Red Cross – 2012


I’ll be trying to post one of these a days for the next week or so.  Trying.


Animal Rescue
Debbi Golding

If there is an English Bulldog somewhere in Las Vegas in need of rescuing, chances are that Debbi Golding is not far behind.  Debbi has made it her personal mission to save this breed of dog who because of its current popularity has resulted in many animals being abandoned and abused.  Debbi drives all over the Las Vegas area picking up neglected dogs and spending thousands of dollars of her own money getting them the expensive surgeries they need in order to be healthy and ready for adoption.  Debbi ensures that when each dog is ready, he or she is placed in a loving home.

 (Josh Hawkins)

Debbi Golding

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