Disclosures and Disclaimers:

As the government says I’m suppossed to do this, and more importantly, I support this kind of disclosure in the blogging and reporting community at large, I’ll do it also, regardless of if I need to.

I do not accept gifts or discounts on any of the equipment I discuss on this blog beyond those generally available to the public.  Any equipment or software offered to me for evaluation, which so far has sadly been none, are returned to the supplier, destroyed or donated.  If I should so choose to use an item after an evaluation period it is after I purchase said item.

Money is generated through this site through advertising (potentially, I figure I should put that in now, in case I do it in the future), but mostly through sales of prints and products though my associated stores, and through work for clients who assess my work on this site.

Basically, I make money on this site the old fashioned way, I sell you or someone else stuff.  Pretty simple, but it should be clear.