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American Red Cross Servpro Golf Fundraiser

IMG_6409.CR2 11/6/2014  --  9:34:55 (Josh Hawkins)

Servpro Golf Fundraiser

Things I Miss in Chicago, but You Don’t Need Too…


Most of what I miss about Chicago is the people.  Many reading this don’t have that problem.

So, in place of me, there is you.  Tonight, Saturday night go here, and enjoy.  You will enjoy.

Tonight Only – The Lost Love Trunk Show


The photo is from the way back machine, but the info is for tonight, and tonight only.

The Strange Tree Group is putting up The Lost Love Trunk Show, tonight only.  I don’t know all the details but when I’ve seen this shows previous years there are a number of good short plays mixed in with a night of good people.  (I think six shows this year.)

If I was in Chicago I would, without a doubt, be there.  If you’re in Chicago, you should check it out.

Tickets here.