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Design and the Use of Photos


I think every professional photographer has had a problem at one point or another with how their photos were used.  Having been in newspapers for years I got used to seeing my photos small.

I spent years arguing that instead of using 5 photos on a half of a tabloid page we should use the best to fill that whole space.  I never won.  Never.  I once had to ask why I was being sent to take pictures that would be, literally, the size of postage stamp.  Was that really a good expenditure of money?

Sometimes though images would get good play in the newspaper, at least decent size.  I once even asked for a full two pages for pictures of a girls state basketball championship that I covered.  I figured we spent the money for me to drive 400 miles and spend a full day, day and a half, covering one shoot, why run just 3 photos?  So when I requested the two pages of space I figured I get one of B&W and I would’ve been happy, instead they gave me four of color.  I was shocked.  The designer had time to put the images together really nice, and make them really big, and it was pretty cool.  I’m sure it also impressed some of advertisers.

Occasionally those good things would happen, mostly though, they wouldn’t.  The story would run long and the photo would just keep getting smaller instead of anyone editing a story.  No bitterness.

So I was happily surprised when I saw my friend Caroline’s new website.  She’s a jazz musician and someone who I’ve hung out with on occasion.  Good people.  A few months back she asked me if she could use some of my photos for her website.  I was happy to let her.  I’m all for helping out the starving artists of the world, being one myself.  If nothing else we’ve got to have each others backs.

Lo’ and behold, she’s got a nicely designed site and has a big, bold photo anchoring her site.  A photo by yours truly, thank you very much.  I love it when I get to see one of my photos used well, used right.

And in this case, she hit the nail on the head better than I could’ve hoped for.

Thanks Caroline, and go check out her website everyone.

Caroline Davis jazz saxophonist

Caroline Davis jazz saxophonist