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Dogs Walking Dogs


Walking the dogs is fun for us, largely because we go for a hike someplace cool and pretty.

We do though have the occassional problem of Stella, an energitic pit bull running too and fro.  She doesn’t run off, and she won’t, but she likes to stick her nose into snake holes and generally just bounces off everything and anything she can.

The pug, Esther, is just slow.

We were coming back from a hike, Erin, her mom and I, her mom needed a bathroom, and quick.  The trail was to busy for options other than the toliet at the trailhead.  I dragged her pug as fast as I could but it’s annoying.

Until Erin hit on a genius, and as with many great ideas, obvious, solution.  We let the pit bull pull the pug.

Stella got a resistance workout.  Esther got used to having to walk faster.  It’s also supposed to be good for building pack mentality and such.

Any which way, I like it.