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Saturday September 26th was National Public Lands Day.  Nevada is something like 90% public lands, we figured we’d do something with the day.

Actually we found out about something to do on that day and then found out that it was National Public Lands Day.

I received an email talking about a wildlife restoration project an hour and a half north of Vegas near Amargosa at Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.  We would be planting native grasses.

See, this valley has a lot of natural springs in it, apparently about 10,000 gallons a minute pour out of the earth after having worked it’s way to this traveling underground from Utah.  Upon discovering this, some wise man many a year ago decided that this would be a great place to farm cotton and cattle.  Cotton…in Nevada…Really?

I never doubt the dumbness of humanity.  Anyway, this person failed.  Excellent.  In the process though he totally wrecked the natural landscape and oasis.  Hence, we planted.